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Newmarket OCD Support Group

Newmarket, Ontario, CANADA

The Newmarket OCD Group is no longer holding regular meetings.

We met continuously from April of 1996 through to June of 1999. During that time we met with dozens of sufferers and their families and friends. We provided a forum for discussion of the disorder between sufferers and the medical community.

During the early part of 1999 we were forced to admit we were not providing support to enough sufferers to justify our continuing efforts. This is due to a combination of the geography of our catchment area as well as the nature of the disorder. Sufferers were not willing or able to commit to the time or distance needed to attend meetings on a regular basis.

We continue to offer support on an individual basis to those sufferers with whom we are currently acquainted. As well, we provide new and continuing information and support to those sufferers who contact us. We also still hold out hope of recommencing regular meetings, but unless and until there is a demonstrated need and level of support, we feel we cannot do that at this time.

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